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Gift Checkout enables you to offer all the extra services and upsells on the cart page.

What Gift Checkout can do for you?

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How it works?

Just before your client proceeds to checkout, he will see a beautiful button customized to complement your store theme. Clicking that button will allow him to add gift wrap and/or greeting card to the cart, increasing your total sell and allow the client sending amazing gifts to their loved ones. 


I don't normally expect to get support on weekends. I was amazed to get a response almost immediately on Saturday night. Back end is simple and front end looks aweosme.

Great app, way to go Gift Checkout!


Works great - simple, effective, user friendly, seen a big increase in sales - 10/10
AND - Perfect customer-service.
Thank You!


Gift Checkout helps with selling cheaper products as an upsell - including products that were hard to sell before using this app. It works great,
Also - Great UI, very easy to set up! Nice design and doesn't look invasive.
Strongly recommended!